US chemical giant Dow claims a shift toward sustainable construction has kept it on track for growth, despite continued project delays in the Middle East.

Dow Polyurethanes, a division manufacturing chemicals for construction uses, said GCC government efforts to promote energy efficiency through regulations and building codes is a major trend in the industry. 

This growing influence has been a blessing for Dow, which worked with Jordan’s Ministry of Environment in 2018  to promote better roof insulation products.

“While we did witness a delay in projects across the Middle East, Dow Polyurethanes has been on a growth trajectory, especially for roofing and sandwich panel insulation,” Dow Chemical's polyurethane systems leader in the Middle East, Akil Sahiwala, said.

“Dow solutions for thermal insulation, which meet and in some cases exceed the most demanding industry requirements, improve longevity and increase energy efficiency have been well received across Middle East markets.”

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Sahiwala told Construction Week that Dow's work with the Jordanian government and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation in 2018 was a highlight for the firm. “The aim of this initiative was to educate partners on the phase-out of ozone-depleting technologies and [to encourage the] adoption of eco-friendly alternatives,” he added.

The UN body has since “strongly recommended” Dow Polyurethanes' chemical products be used for sustainable roofing insulation, according to Sahiwala.

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Following the support of the non-governmental organisation, Dow will launch a new spray foam insulation product in the Middle East next year.

“We are also pleased to announce that we will soon be launching a new spray foam insulation solution, with industry-leading sustainability properties, which will be customised for the Middle East’s unique needs, he said. 

“With this in mind, we are actively investing in locally based technical expertise to provide tailor-made and timely service to our customers in the region.”

Alongside a new product launch targeted at the building sector, Dow hopes to roll out a “platform of sustainable thermal insulation solutions” to support energy efficiency initiatives in construction.

“These solutions will be designed to improve insulation performance, provide more design options through the use of thinner panels with equal thermal efficiency, [and] meet stringent fire safety standards,” Sahiwala stressed.