A trial for the 2015 crane collapse that killed more than 100 people and injured approximately 210 in the holy city of Makkah will reopen this week, according to multiple media reports.

The Criminal Court in Makkah is set to reopen the case on 31 October 2018 after being "returned" the case from the Supreme Court, Saudi Gazzete reported, citing Arabic-language daily Al Watan. 

A court in Saudi Arabia cleared the contractor behind the expansion project, Saudi Binladin Group, of any wrongdoing in 2017. However, the Public Prosecution lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court, stating that negligence and a lack of commitment to safety standards resulted in the fatal crane crash on 11 September 2015, just days before the Hajj pilgrimage, a separate Saudi Gazette report explains.

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The crane collapsed amid high winds and a thunderstorm and the court had ruled that the crane was placed in the correct upright position but was affected by the severe weather conditions beyond the control of the company, the report added.