Design house WXCA and Bellprat will design Expo 2020 Dubai’s Poland Pavilion after they beat more than 30 proposals to work on the project. Bellprat also lists Expo 2020 Dubai’s Swiss Pavilion in its project portfolio.

The winning design reportedly features an “open, tree-like modular structure” that has been inspired by Poland’s wildlife. An “integrated” exhibition with “kinetic flocks of birds floating over visitors’ heads” will be part of the project.

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According to a report by Archdaily, the kinetic birds are an ode to the “many migratory birds” that settle in Poland each year.

The report continued: “The pavilion will adopt a sculptural form allowing the exhibition to unfold into surrounding public space, inviting the public to participate in the birds’ flight over Poland.

“The connection between inside and outside signifies Poland’s connection to the modern world.”

Commenting on the development, WXCA reportedly said: “Inviting visitors to accompany this journey and observe the abundance of Polish avifauna is an opportunity to develop an intriguing, multi-layered story about the beauty of Polish nature, international exchange, mobility, [and the] export of ideas and technologies.”