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25. Smart MEP Solutions

Saad Taher
Managing director

Number of years in his role: 20
Number of years in the company: 2
Number of years working in the Middle East: 30

Smart MEP Solutions Co (SESCO) is a relatively new entrant in the Middle East's MEP sector.

Having founded Emirates Falcon Electromechanical Company (EFECO) in 2001, Saad Taher, managing director of SESCO, is not someone new to the MEP market. In an interview with MEP Middle East earlier this year, Taher said: “I started Smart MEP Solutions at the end of 2016, and again, the challenge is to start from the beginning. But now I believe the market really needs a new concept. A new way of doing MEP works.”

He says that the traditional way of executing MEP is not correct. “That’s the reason we call this company Smart MEP Solutions because we think it is the time to have new solutions for the MEP sector. We need to understand how to overcome problems, how to have better results, and how to be a team player in the construction sector,” Taher said.

The firm focuses on developing and enhancing its offsite work and prefabrication modular system installation business. The number of qualified MEP engineers working for the firm is 25.

Talking about some of the challenges, Taher says: “Ridiculous competition in the market is driving prices dangerously low, which either is keeping us away or making us attain any new contracts with low margins and putting our business at risk.”

24. National MEP

National MEP has been handling projects on a turnkey basis with progressive and innovative approaches to business. The company falls under Bin Butti International Holdings, with National MEP being one of its divisions.

Over the years, Bin Butti International Holdings has grown into a promising group of companies in Abu Dhabi. Bin Butti International Holdings provides value added products and services to its clients utilising the best human and capital resources along with the region’s latest technologies.

The company is an active participant of Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 which is aimed at developing a global capital city and support the government’s vision of building the city of Abu Dhabi as an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community, as well as, a regional hub of business and industry.

The firm plans be a major player in the region, renowned for its integrated and diversified portfolio of products, solutions and services by exceeding our quality standards and clients’ expectations.

The company worked on developing Mojumaat Workers City in Abu Dhabi. Mojumaat has an area of 122,500m2, situated about 20km from Musaffah.

The firm offered its tenants fully furnished residential accommodation, catering and mess hall facilities, laundry facilities, 5,000m2 shopping mall, restaurants, recreational facilities, mosque and medical center, etc.

According to the company, Mojumaat Workers City was designed and developed to strategically align the organisation with the vision of the rulers of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Executive Council to address the need to provide safe and decent housing to the ever-growing labour force in Abu Dhabi.

23. Oman Technical Contracting

Syed Mohammad Arif, chairman,
Mohammad Faisal Khan, managing director

Number of years in the company: 12
Number of years working in the Middle East: 16

The major project wins for Oman Technical Contracting (OTC) firm in 2018 are The Address Hotel (supply and installation of MEP and ELV works), Al Qasr Hotel Phase 2 (refurbishment of MEP works), Latifa Hospital (supply and installation of MEP, medical gas and ELV works), among others. The Sharjah-based company was established in 2005.

Following the bottom up approach, OTC has emerged as one of the most integrated company providing engineering services in HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems to residential buildings (villa and multi-storey), commercial buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, shopping malls, cruise liners etc.

The company was busy with the supply and installation of MEP and ELV works of a few projects last year such as Ortus Hospital in Dubai, Dar Al Kamal Hospital in Sharjah, among others. Some of the challenges facing the firm are cash flow due to delayed payment and shortage of skilled manpower in the market to fulfil the project requirements. The total numbers of qualified MEP engineers working for the firm stand at 45.

Syed Mohammad Arif, chairman, and Mohammad Faisal Khan, managing director at OTC, say that the firm is currently focusing on all types of solar projects such as CSP, PU and rooftops. Currently, the company is in the process of handing over 200MW in 8 months.

Oman Technical Contracting is fully dedicated and focused on executing solar projects in the upcoming year, the firm stated.

22. Emitech

Rahul Duragkar
Managing director

Number of years in his role: 7
Number of years in the company: 7
Number of years working in the Middle East: 14

In 2017, Emitech managed to secure a revenue of $18m. Rahul Duragkar, managing director, Emitech says that the relative cost of labour remains as the adequate portion of the total MEP contract value, which means that an increase in the labour rates in the present scenario has a profound impact on tender pricing. Strategic partnership with the major suppliers has resulted into a pricing edge with efficient services. This has facilitated flexible and extended credit limits.

Between April 2017 and May 2018, Emitech has completed the MEP works at CSDPI Pharma Factory Cum Office in Dubai, HVAC works at a Club Commercial and Residential Building in Dubai, HVAC works at Autism Centre, Abu Dhabi, among others.

The total number of qualified MEP engineers working for the firm is 33.

Talking about competitiveness in the UAE market, Duragkar says: “Limited development in other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah as compared to Dubai has prompted local MEP contractors to enter the Dubai market, which also increases the competition. The start of 2018 has seen a reduction in activity and performance in the real estate market due to uncertainties around the impact of VAT that resulted in increased competition among the contractors. The developers are seeking to decipher its immediate and longer term impact by awarding the contract to the lowest quoted contractor. The profit margin is also tightened as Dubai moves towards affordable housing development.”

Emitech’s training and development activities include developing leadership and managerial skills, increasing productivity and efficiency, acquiring job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities, increasing innovation in strategies and processes, and improving quality and workplace safety.

21. Albonian International Electromechanical Works

Jamal Nachabe
Chief executive officer

A few of the projects completed by Abonian International Electromechanical Works are Form Hotel, 3 Stars Hotel, Proposed Labour Accommodation, Seddiqi and Sons Head Quarter, and Gallaria Mall 2 among others. The company caters to markets in Lebanon, UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. The firm has experience in high-rise buildings, multi-use complexes, specialised complexes like hotels, hospitals and shopping malls and specialised MEP projects like pumping stations, street lighting, and others.

The firm’s services covers EPC as well as maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, district cooling, plumbing, drainage, water treatments, pumping stations, fire fighting, fire protection, telecommunications, networking, building management systems (BMS), low current, low voltage and medium voltage systems installation.

Jamal Nachabe, CEO, Albonian International Electromechanical Works, says that the firm is “finalising several big opportunities within a couple of months”.

Albonian International started its operations in 1987 as a relatively small electromechanical contracting firm from Tripoli, Lebanon. In a span of 22 years Albonian International has grown into an international group with its headquarters located in Dubai. Branch offices were created in Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates during the period of operation to cater to the demands of each region. The number of staff working at Albonian is 321, including engineers, with a total labour workforce of around 1,403.

Some the company’s key training objectives are to improve personnel’s knowledge of the services that the firm provides, incorporate new technologies to optimise delivery and client satisfaction, and ensure that the firm keeps delivering high quality projects for its clients.

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