Building on its major retrofitting of solar panels in Hatta, green energy platform Safaqat is extending its plans to expand the UAE's energy capacity using the renewable across more areas of the country.

In a statement, the crowdfunded platform for low carbon green solutions said demand for the panels had come in particular from Hatta and residential villas in Dubai, as it looks to extend its 'Safaqat programme'.

The move comes off the back of its self-proclaimed "flagship" Safaqat project in Hatta, whereby 640 villas were retrofitted with solar rooftop panels.

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The firm said each Safaqat deal under the programme "will cost less for the end user by comparison to their pre purchase scenario, adding that when installed on the villas, the photovoltaic (PV) panels will reduce carbon emissions by 50 tonnes – the equivalent to the planting of 500 trees.

Installing the cells on the buildings will results in the reduction of 130 tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting 1300 trees, the Safaqat added.

Plans to extend the programme fall under the Shams Dubai initiative which aligns with Dubai’s integrated energy strategy (DIES) 2030, the UAE’s National Energy Strategy 2050, and UAE Vision 2021, the group added.

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Speaking on the move, Ivano Iannelli, chief executive officer at Dubai Carbon – which offers advisory services to help boost Dubai’s green economy, said: "The provision of solar energy to more buildings and villas via the Safaqat platform shows there is a demand for energy from natural resources.

"Historically, sustainability has had associated cost considerations. Through crowdsourcing, we have sourced products which offer long term savings as well as being energy efficient, made available on the Safaqat platform," he explained.