Al Fajar Al Alamia, an Oman-based supplier of explosives to the construction industry, has signed an agreement with Fujeirah Holdings to set up a business in the UAE.

The new company will manufacture and sell explosives in the UAE under the trading name Geodynamics Mideast, according to an update on the Muscat Securities Market.

Al Fajar Al Alamia said a company unit, called Al Fajar Group, was currently buying explosives for drilling and blasting operations in the UAE from a third-party vendor.

The business added that creating a civil explosives company located in the UAE will deliver "exceptional benefits" to its drilling and blasting operations in the country.

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Al Fajar Al Alamia describes itself as a major supplier of explosives for blasting and drilling operations in the Middle East. It has supplied explosives for a range of infrastructure projects in the sultanate, including tricky road networks that travel over rocky and mountainous areas.

It has also supplied explosives for other construction projects in the region, including work on trenches for oil and gas pipelines, and port and harbour work.