Approvals were also an important part of the pre-construction work implemented for the project. BGG outsourced these operations to SS Lootah Foundations due to the sub-contractor’s track record, and because it held all necessary DM approvals for specialised work such as enabling, shoring, and piling.

“The Muteena site did not require piling work, but shoring activities were carried out for the structures’ basements, in addition to excavation, Krishna explains: “DM permits are required for every 2m excavated on site. Even for the trucks to come in and load [the excavated material], as well as the final disposal site, have to be approved by DM.

“Traffic hours are pretty limited for heavy vehicles, and the number of trips to every site is regulated. You cannot disturb people living and working around high-density areas while you’re constructing here, and there’s stricter regulation to ensure the satisfaction of all people in the vicinity. It is the mutual responsibility of the client, consultant, contractors, and authorities to ensure minimal disruption occurs during construction.”

This level of collaboration has also supported the construction team as it develops the blocks in compliance with the updated UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice. Krishna says the project’s façade is predominantly finished with concrete, and some parts of it also feature glazing and coverings of aluminium composite panels (ACPs). These jobs are also part of BGG’s contract, and are being delivered by United Color Film (UCF), one of its divisions, Krishna explains: “UCF has civil defence approvals for installation.

“For all projects now, a façade study must be submitted and approved by the civil defence through a consultant that [has been approved to implement this study]. These consultants submit the report for approval on our behalf, and once the civil defence has reviewed and approved the report, we can proceed with our work.”

Construction completion for the Muteena project is expected in April 2019, following which, testing and commissioning activities will begin.

Krishna is rightly proud of his team’s work on this development – the Al Muteena scheme has recorded almost 3.1 million safe man-hours as of July 2018. He is also optimistic about BGG’s work with AGRE, and is eyeing further work with the developer, which has a notable presence in Dubai’s real estate sector. The company has currently deployed more than 6,000 workers for its projects with AGRE, he tells Construction Week.

“We are recruiting around 4,000 staff this year in anticipation of five other projects with AGRE – three of which have already been awarded – as well as other tenders for which we are in a very close race,” he continues.

Commenting on constructing in high-density areas, he adds: “It is not easy, but it’s how things get built.”