The first temporary fire point at Expo 2020 Dubai will be ready for operation by 30 September, a senior official said on Saturday during a visit to the Expo 2020 Dubai Office.

Brig. Rashid Khalifa AlBuflasa, assistant director-general for Fire and Rescue viewed the progress of the implementation of the joint civil defence action plan during his tour.

''The construction of the expo’s permanent civil defence centre will be completed by 30th June, 2019,'' he said.

AlBuflasa said that an emergency firefighting point had been set up at the expo projects site for more than a year and the force, equipment and other resources will be shifted to the temporary point at the time of delivery.

Directors of the civil defence centres and the expo projects’ managers also accompanied AlBuflasa on the tour and expressed “satisfaction at the high level of safety requirements” as well as field coordination and cooperation between the joint teams.

The delegation also discussed the latest phase of projects at the site during the visit.