6. Samer Khoury, CCC

For another year, the president of engineering and construction at Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Samer Khoury, has made it into the Construction Week Power 100 list. The company, which describes itself as the largest construction enterprise in the Middle East with more than 100,000 staff, enjoyed another stellar year of business.

Demonstrating its forward-thinking approach to engineering and construction, the contracting giant entered into a tie-up with Immense Technology Labs this year to create a cutting-edge digital warehouse, as part of extensive plans to embrace and incorporate disruptive technology. It will allow the contractor to create a digital inventory of its spare parts and components, both of which it will subsequently produce using 3D printing on an ad hoc basis.

This will help CCC to cut its carbon footprint by reducing the requirement to transport goods internationally, and combat waste by ensuring only the exact number of parts are made.

It will also simplify CCC’s supply chain by allowing the business to manufacture specific parts when and where they are needed. For a company that operates in six countries in the Middle East, nine in Africa, and two in Asia, the long-term economic and environmental impact of this agreement is likely to be significant.

In June 2017, an official from CCC said the contractor’s portfolio of green projects was valued in the billions of dollars. Samir Thabet, the company’s sustainability coordination manager, told Construction Week that CCC was managing several projects that were pursuing green certifications.

These projects, Thabet noted at the time, had a combined value of more than $5bn, and included Lines 1 and 2 of the Riyadh Metro; Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Midfield Terminal Building; Phase 1 of an automated people-mover project in the UAE; the Opera Grand Tower and Al Zahia City Centre, also in the UAE; and the City Centre Almaza in Egypt.