The Abu Dhabi City Municipality and public services company Musanada have completed a nearly $28m (AED102m) internal roads and infrastructure project in the UAE capital.

The project, which spans 197,000m2, includes works at Nahda Al-Askariyah, Baniyas, and Al Shawamekh as part of Abu Dhabi’s greater master plan.

With a log of 1.7 million working hours, the project included the construction of internal roads and infrastructure, serving 178 residential plots.

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Other works includes the upgrading and construction of road infrastructure, lighting and electricity as well as construction of new power stations.

The project aims to provide high-quality infrastructure “capable of responding to the needs of individuals and the community in line with the best international standards”, according to state news agency WAM.  

The project also included the construction of 8.10 km internal roads, 10.165 km drinking water network, 10.340 km rainwater drainage network, 5.316 km sewage network, and 5,506 km telecommunication network, in addition to the road lighting network consisting of 197 lighting poles.

Launched in August 2016, the project seeks to provide modern services and infrastructure to the residents of Abu Dhabi and its surrounding areas.