Taylor’s team has many opportunities to hone its innovation and planning skills – the contracting giant’s UAE portfolio alone exceeds $2.7bn (AED10bn), and its MEP business is also focused on the Omani market. Taylor lists hospitality and retail developments as ALEC’s core strengths – the company has delivered more than 250ha (2.5 million m2) of retail projects to date. Oman is of interest to ALEC due to the volume of both hotel and retail projects under way in the country, but its priority remains the UAE market.

“We are currently very busy in the UAE, and are focusing on executing efficiently in this region,” Taylor says.

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Expo 2020 Dubai is also a key focal point for the UAE contracting giant, whose work on the scheme has a value of $462.9m (AED1.7bn). Taylor is confident about the benefits that the expo will bring to both the UAE and the contractors working on the project, but says he is also optimistic about post-Expo 2020 growth in the country.

“The expo is going to be a great thing for Dubai, and we’re going to be able to showcase all the innovations and great initiatives from around the globe. We're looking forward to delivering the Expo 2020 projects.

“The UAE is growing – the population is growing at approximately 100,000 people a year, and with that comes demand for everything. Al Maktoum International Airport is still going to be developed [further], and Dubai Creek Harbour (DCH) is a massive development that is kicking into gear – there’s a huge amount of work that's going to take place [at DCH].

“[Even] after Expo 2020, we do have fairly large projects that are going to be on the go, and I think that'll sustain market activity.”

For Taylor, who is leading some of the most high-profile schemes in the UAE, the future holds opportunities to not only expand the profile of his team and the local construction sector, but also grow the industry’s efficiencies and value-adding capabilities.

“There's a massive opportunity in our industry to improve our processes, and how we deliver [work], and I think [getting] all parties together [to] figure out how we're doing to do that effectively [is] where the greatest opportunity lies,” Taylor says.

“It's about how you get a project team to work together effectively.”

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