7. Security Forces Medical Cities

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior is developing two Security Forces Medical Cities in Riyadh and Jeddah. Updates about the Riyadh facility have been revealed in 2018.

This March, the Saudi Arabian subsidiary of Finnish Peikko Group, AI Rashed Peikko, announced that it was supplying an order for a hospital and residential area at the Security Forces Medical Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The order comprises more than 500,000 pieces of Armata punching reinforcement, 6,000 pieces of HPKM column shoes and HPM anchor bolts, and 17km of Deltabeam composite beams and other fastening products.

Peikko’s deliveries for the project started in December 2017 and will continue through to 2018, with project completion expected in 2019.

P&T Architects & Engineers was appointed to undertake the architectural and structural design of the project, while ABV Rock Group is handling the main contract. 

Linesight was picked by main contractor ABV to deliver cost management consulting for the development. On its website, Linesight outlines its early work for the project, and the variations that it had to manage for the scheme. 

“Before our engagement, and following the announcement of the winning tender, the client decided to move the entire project from the original site to a new location, with different ground conditions and site layout,” Linesight’s website explains. 

“It was at this point that Linesight came on board and was tasked with overseeing the many variations that resulted from this move. This necessitated a complete revision of previous assumptions from the tender stage, as well as a complete re-measure, rate revision and cross-check exercise. In turn, this facilitated the provision of a full report on the cost of each building to ensure the quantity and cost provided by ABV at tender stage was accurate and sufficient.”

Manens-Tifs is the project’s main consultant. The precast elements of the project will be manufactured by three companies, including Al Rashid Abetong, Rabiah-Nassar & Zamil concrete industries, and RDB El Seif Limited.