'Oversizing' power generators must be avoided to guard against unnecessary costs, a Middle East equipment expert has warned.

Gaby Rhayem, regional director of Doosan Bobcat Middle East and Africa (MEA), told PMV Middle East that end-users need to better understand load management better in order to procure generators with the right specifications. 

This would also help to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), Rhayem explained: "Getting the right size of generator is critical.

"Oversizing [so as] to be on the safe side not only increases the price of the unit, but reduces the load percentage of the unit as well, which will reduce its life and load capability." 

The TCO is calculated using costs related to the unit, in addition to its shipping, maintenance, operations, and downtime, plus resale value. 

"To minimise the impact of these factors, we use robust engines to reduce maintenance and downtime costs," Rhayem told PMV Middle East.

"Having the units built in UAE also reduces the unit cost and shipment costs in the region."