Construction firms in the Middle East are not providing enough growth opportunities for employees, according to the results of a recent Construction Week survey.

About 53% of the respondents of the Construction Week Skills Gap Survey said that they did not believe their employer provided enough career development opportunities, while another 40% said they had not received any form of training last year at all.  

The results did indicate however that the majority of construction professionals surveyed placed high value on professional development, with a large percentage saying they would consider changing jobs for more opportunities.

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In fact, 61% of those surveyed said they would leave their current employer and role for an alternative that offers better education, training, and development prospects, but no pay rise.

Sarah Willis – head of HR, WSP Middle East, shared her insight on the results, explaining: “Our industry and the nature of work we do is fast paced and demanding; requiring us to work across multiple locations and some of the world’s most iconic projects. This can, at times, make it a challenge to focus on personal development.

“Recognising the demands on our people and therefore making training more accessible, we launched a leadership programme and we invited all of our people to join.

“We provide online learning materials and facilitate impactful bitesize learning events in person and via video conferencing,” she added.

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The survey assessed 132 construction professionals from local, regional, and international companies across the Middle East, on the level of training and career growth opportunities their employers are currently providing.

The full results of the survey will be revealed across Construction Week's print and digital platforms over the course of this month.