Group HSE manager at Khansaheb, Andrew Cook, said the business has a range of health a safety protocols to follow during a sandstorm.

“General measures adopted during poor weather conditions include a consistent approach to implementing high standards that ameliorate the effects of winds," he said.

"These include effective storage and temporary protection standards, designing scaffolding, crane requirements, temporary works and the suspension of specific activities including those that expose our workers to dust.”

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Khansaheb's Cook recommended health checks should be given to staff to ensure employees are fit for onsite work. 

He added: “Windy and dusty weather presents all of our projects working externally with additional challenges other than those that are generally associated with the project. 

“High winds increase the risk of disturbing stored materials, particularly sheet materials and those protected by tarpaulins. Craneage and lifting, excavation activities, temporary structures, and protection can all be affected by the additional loadings caused by high wind speeds and inclement weather.

“The wind also increases the particle content in the air which reduces visibility and decreases the quality of the working environment for our employees,” he added.