One of the most high-profile social transport infrastructure developments was recently made in the Middle East when Aldar signed an agreement to bring the ultra-fast hyperloop system to Abu Dhabi.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Aldar Properties and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT).

The MoU will see both firms collaborate to develop an urban centre within Aldar's Seih Al Sdeirah land bank, close to its recently launched master-development, Alghadeer.

Separately, Virgin Hyperloop One teamed up with Dubai port operator DP World to create a new company called DP World Cargospeed that aims to transform the cargo industry. The new company will build a hyperloop system to transport goods globally at the speed of a jet, meaning a consumer could by a product from anywhere in the world and receive it within 14 hours.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will also have a rail network between the two countries up and running by 2021.

"By the end of December 2021 we will have a connection between us and the Saudis," Abdullah Salem Al Kathiri, director general of the Federal Authority for Land and Marine Transport, said at a conference in Dubai in March 2018.

Also in Saudi Arabia, the Haramain High-Speed Rail project will start running in Q3 2018.

Haramain Rail's speed exceeds 300km/h, and its length spans 450km, making it the Middle East's fastest.