Volvo Trucks has unveiled its first electric truck for commercial use, targeted at urban distribution and refuse management operators.

The first two Volvo FL Electric trucks will be operated by haulage firm, TGM, and Swedish refuse collection and recycling company, Renova. 

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With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 16t, the truck features a 185kW electric motor, maximum power of 130kW (continuous output), two-speed transmission, a propeller shaft, an electric motor with maximum torque of 425 Newton-metres (Nm), and a rear axle with max torque of 16 kilo Nm. 


The truck is powered through energy generated by 2x6 lithium-ion batteries totalling an output of 100–300kWh, providing a drive-time range of up to 300km.

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Alternating-current (AC) charging is possible through a 22kW mains grid, while direct current (DC) powering is allowed using the CCS/Combo2 charger, for up to 150kW. 

Overnight AC charging takes around 10 hours, while DC fast charge is completed from empty to full within two hours. 


Sales and series production of the Volvo FL Electric will begin in Europe next year, with the line's first trucks entering regular operation with customers in Gothenburg, where Volvo Trucks is based. 

Commenting on the truck, Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, said: "With this model, we are making it possible for cities that aim for sustainable urban development to benefit from the advantages of electrified truck [transportation].

"In order to make the transition secure and smooth, we will offer holistic solutions based on each customer’s individual needs regarding driving cycles, load capacity, uptime, range, and other parameters.

"Such a solution may encompass everything from route analysis and battery optimisation to servicing and financing," he added, according to PMV Middle East.