The Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) has suspended all activities of the contractor, subcontractor, and consultant involved in a crane crash that crushed multiple parked cars in the UAE capital.   

ADM said it had ordered the three companies to halt all project work until further notice, due to their “direct responsibility” for the crane crash.

The name of the contractor, subcontractor or consultant involved in the project has not been revealed.

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However, the municipality is working closely with the Abu Dhabi Police to prepare a final report of the investigation.  It said it planned take further legal action against the three unidentified companies, although it did not disclose the measures it planned to take.

A “detailed report” of the crane collapse will also be submitted to the Abu Dhabi Health and Safety Centre.

This comes after a crane collapsed Abu Dhabi  last week after part of a mobile crane tower crashed onto several cars parked near the building site.

Dr Huda Al Salmi, director of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Department, said an investigation into the accident had been opened and that the main contractor must take responsibility for the crane collapse.

The main contractor must supervise all activities for loading and unloading work and not rely on the subcontractor to do this work, ADM sadded.

Since the crash, the municipality has stressed the importance of compliance with EHS risk assessment policy for construction projects in order to guarantee the safety of on-site workers and pedestrians.

ADM, through EHS, has urged all consulting offices, contractors, and building developers to adhere to the highest safety standards.

Alongside this, ADM said it was working to “strengthen” contractor commitment and awareness around auditing and supervising subcontractors.

This includes monitoring the loading and unloading of heavy machinery, carrying out regular maintenance and third-party safety checks, and ensuring mobile crane drivers have the necessary experience to operate the machinery.