The General Projects Department in Dubai Municipality has built a 15,000m² multi-species slaughterhouse that conforms to green building regulation.

Lisaili Abattoir is set up to slaughter what Dubai Municipality called "large and small animals" including camels. 

The abattoir also has a large cool storage area so workers can stock refrigerated meat and poultry killed and processed at the plant.

Director of the General Projects Department at Dubai Municipality, Marwan Al Mohammed, said barns for chickens had been built next to the meat plant, although he did not say how many.

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He did reveal that administrative offices for staff, doctors, animal veterinarians, and technical staff had been built, alongside separate halls for men and women.

It is unclear if the meat produced at the factory is designated for export or domestic consumption, but Al Mohammed said everything produced in the 15,000m² factory would meet the highest standards of animal production.

“The building is a vital facility for the region and its environs to provide the best services in slaughtering livestock and storing meat according to the best international standards,” he said.

Al Mohammed said the Lisaili Abattoir had been built to confirm to national green building regulations, as the project aimed to adhere to the Government of Dubai’s vision to develop a green economy and make Dubai one of the world’s leading cities for environmental sustainability.