The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has urged all stakeholders engaged in the field of irrigation to adopt the best methods and advanced techniques in irrigating greens and landscaped areas, plants, and trees.

The call is part of the municipality’s efforts to conserve energy, as well as natural and water resources.

The Municipality made a statement to this effect during three workshops held by the Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector in cooperation with a host of international companies that specialise in irrigation.

The workshops were aimed to raise awareness of contractors and consultants and instil a sense of responsibility when using irrigation water.

The workshops saw presentations on modern techniques developed by international irrigation firms to reduce water waste in irrigating crops and green areas.

These conservative irrigation techniques take into account examining the type of soil, climate condition, project site, type of plants used in the project, and the type of irrigation systems used.

The Municipality is planning to experiment with the use of the new irrigation techniques and methods in a specific area on Abu Dhabi Island.

If proved successful, the model would be applied in all areas and agricultural projects within the purviews of ADM.