Abu Dhabi authorities have launched a crackdown on housing law violations as part of efforts for “combating disorderly accommodation” in six parts of the city.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) cracked down on housing violations in six neighbourhoods: Bani Yas Sharq, Shawamekh, Wathba South, Bani Yas West, New Wathba Shamkha, and Wathba North.

ADM teams targeted 96 buildings and issued 14 violations as part of its effort to stamp out housing law violations, especially regarding unsafe or overcrowded accommodation.  

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First-time violators were hit with fines ranging from $2,722 (AED10,000) to $27,229 (AED100,000) as local authorities swept in to clean up Abu Dhabi suburbs and reinforce safety laws. Recurrent housing law violators were hit with fines of between $27,229 (AED10,000) and $54,458 (AED200,000).

“The municipality is keen to continue such campaigns to raise awareness about the risks this phenomenon poses to the public health, besides educating the public about the terms and conditions governing occupancy and housing of all residential units,” ADM said in a statement.

Separately, ADM and Al Ryum Contracting have kicked off work to improve the appearance of the Abu Dhabi's man-made Yas Island. Around 1,200 ugly trees have been removed from the island, while an unknown number of new trees have been replanted.