Kärcher’s sales for the financial year 2017 rose by 7.5% to $3.10bn (€2.5bn).

This led to the creation of new jobs as Kärcher employed 12,304 people in 67 countries by the end of 2017, an addition of 442 new employees as compared to 2016.

Hartmut Jenner, CEO and chairman of the management board, said: “Kärcher continues to grow. We have achieved the highest sales in our company’s history with €2.5bn ($3.10bn) in 2017.”

Kärcher grew twice as fast in the cleaning technology space. “We improved in all countries in terms of our local currency. Business was good in our core markets - Germany, France and Japan. But emerging regions such as Eastern Europe and South America also contributed to this positive development," Jenner added. 

In 2017, the firm also registered 56 new patents and launched more than 100 new products in different markets.

In the case of commercial dry cleaners, for example, the focus was on energy efficiency and battery technology as a key component.

Kärcher invested more than $22.10m (€18m) last year in building, conversion, and renovation of its office buildings around the world.

A new head office was also opened in Yokohama, Japan, near Tokyo.

Additionally, Kärcher has started the construction of an office building with 150 work spaces at its headquarters in Winnenden, Germany.