His confidence to take on a new challenge outside the UAE stems from the firm’s recent contract wins closer to home — where Al Shirawi provides IFM services to luxury residential assets such as Dubai Prism, Volante Tower, the 118 Tower and Le Rêve to name a few.

“The recent win of 118 Tower and Volante was particularly satisfying — one based in Downtown Dubai and the other in Business Bay, respectively. The developer for Volante is the same as Le Rêve, and both developers had us on board before the completion of construction. The Volante Tower and 118 Tower have both been designed to have one tenant per floor. That’s the level of upper upscale luxury we are talking about here. The 118 [Tower] has 44 stories and 27 residents. We offer both hard and soft services and everything in between,” Valrani says.

It’s interesting to note that the firm, which handles multiple luxury projects requiring specialised soft skills, is just as dominant in the infrastructure management segment.This is reflected in its ongoing relationship with Dubai Government entities such as Dubai Municipality and RTA as its maintenance contractor for road infrastructure and government buildings.

Idicheria says the reputation of the group, which is not just restricted to the FM side of the business, is built on the company’s core values of trust, transparency, compassion, with honesty and discipline as the mainstay.

He also states that not all contracts turn in a profit. “But we make sure we provide our clients with the best service possible because it’s the reputation and relationship we are after,” he adds.

Looking at the future, Valrani is confident that Al Shirawi FM, “will be around for the next 50 years”. And he credits the firm’s strong values of corporate governance for this. “Al Shirawi Group, through our chairman Abdulla Al Shirawi and senior vice chairman Mohan Valrani, were one of the few [local] companies that successfully inculcated the second generation, a process which started in the mid-80s and concluded in 1997. Today, all the business units within the group are handled between seven individuals. And we also have a document of succession planning in place for the next generation.

“If you have to bet which FM company is going to be around for the next 50 years in this market, I am pretty sure Al Shirawi will be at the top of the list,” he concludes.