Al Shirawi FM’s chief executive officer Navin Valrani, chief operating officer Pramodh Idicheria and general manager Charalampos Sarafopoulos, during a candid conversation pepped up by the obvious camaraderie between the leadership team, reveals key details about major strategic developments at the organisation exclusively to fmME.

“We at Al Shirawi FM love what we do and this is the most exciting year in the history of the company. It’s an excellent time to be at Al Shirawi as we have big plans that stem from a commitment from our shareholders to expand the business, and inject vast amounts of capital in the company — in excess of AED100m ($27.25m),” he reveals.

The investment is set to pan out over the next 24 months, Valrani says whose father, Mohan Valrani, was one of the founding members of the Al Shirawi Group back in the early 70s.

The firm’s CEO is confident that none of its competitors will be bolstering their operations with a similar injection of cash. “That too specifically towards FM operations,” Valrani informs.

Sarafopoulos gives an overview of how the capital will be invested. “First of all, we will invest in our people, technology and in expanding the business altogether. We are planning on expanding into waste management and offering this service to our existing clients as well as others. The major part of the investment will be allocated to solar energy solutions. We are going to invest more than [AED]80m ($21.75m) in different projects, not similar to anything seen in the UAE before.”