Manitowoc self erecting crane

Manitowoc will showcase the Hup self-erecting crane range and the MDT 389 tower crane. The Hup self-erecting crane range, which includes the Hup 32-27 and Hup 40-30, have a maximum capacity of 4t and a rear-slewing radius of 2.25m, enabling them to be positioned closer to buildings in tight urban areas or job sites with restricted working quarters. Despite being taller than the Igo 36, one of its predecessor models, the Hup cranes occupy the same footprint. Three raised positions of the luffing jib, at 10°, 20° or 30°, in addition to horizontal, provide options for a self-erecting crane.

The MDT 389 is the largest topless crane from the Potain lineup to feature the company’s crane control system (CCS). The system provides maintenance features, particularly when using Manitowoc’s CraneStar Diag tool, a telematics and maintenance system accessible via CCS. The MDT CCS topless concept enables complex, multi-crane installations, and the assembly, erection, transport and maintenance phases are shorter than previous generations of tower cranes.

There are two versions of the Potain MDT 389, one with a 12t maximum capacity and the other with a 16t maximum capacity. Both have up to 75m of jib available. The 12t version can lift 3.4t at its jib end, while the 16t version can handle 3.3t.