Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) has completed 65% of an internal roads and infrastructure development in the Al Falah area of the UAE capital.

Valued at $11.4m (AED42m), the project is due to be handed over later this year.

The scope of work includes the refurbishment of the entrances to the Al Falah area, as well as the surrounding roads, through the construction of new pavements and an asphalt overlay.

A low-energy street lighting is also being installed, UAE state news agency, WAM, reported.

Saleh Al Mazrouei, acting roads and infrastructure executive director, said: "The $11.4m (AED42m) project aims to develop the road network surrounding the New Al Falah Villas area, in order to keep pace with the urban development and the expected growth in the traffic movement in the Al Falah area, by rehabilitating part of the existing entrances and improving the infrastructure of that area.

"Through this project, we will develop the existing road stretching on the eastern side from a dual one-lane to a dual three-lane road with a median, and will change the two existing roundabouts into intersections with traffic lights to facilitate smooth flow of traffic in line with the future development of the area.

“We will improve the road on the western side from a dual one-lane to a dual two-lane road in both directions, in addition to five entry and exit points to link the New Al Falah area to the roads surrounding Al Falah city," he added.