Computer aided facilities management (CAFM) is not the ‘buzz word’ on every FM company’s lips as yet.

Recently, terms such as ‘IoT' and 'cloud’ have been creeping into operators’ lexicon, which signifies a paradigm shift in FM’s thinking.

So, why is there an element of tech wizardry associated with CAFM?

Plainly put, look at the processes your company is involved in and ask yourself, ‘what out of these can be made more efficient with software tools?’

Adopting new technology should not strike fear in terms of job losses. That’s a conversation more suitable for automation and automating processes.

Last year, Imsware launched a new unified CAFM system and its chief executive Midia Mikolai said that not enough attention is given to soft services, especially with the unification of reporting and data aggregation.

“We recently developed module for the soft services task management. Here all the soft services are clamped together because sometimes it is difficult to find one application that ties down everything — cleaning, landscaping, pest control, pool or security services,” Mikolai said.

CAFM systems shouldn’t be frightening to use, they need to be simple with easy to use interfaces and reporting systems.

The challenge is to get operational staff to transition to the software, and we have seen a big push from CAFM manufacturers on this front as they have developed more mobile-friendly dashboards.

A lot of the FM companies in the region have still not made the switch to CAFM, to them I would say, “It’s never too late to come to the party, and certainly one that is still evolving.”