Mohammed Bin Zayed City ranked the most popular area for rent in Abu Dhabi in 2017, according to a recent dubizzle Property report.

With more than 13.1 million searches by dubizzle Property users last year, Mohammed Bin Zayed City was the most in demand area in the capital for renters, followed by followed by Khalifa City A with 9.7 million searches.

Other popular areas included the Tourist Club Area with 8.5 million searches, Al Markaziyah with 5.8 million searches and Al Muroor with 5.7 million searches, respectively, based on dubizzles most searched communities for rent and sale.

For investment, Al Reef was a firm favourite among users of the platform with 750,000 searches. Tamouh Marina Square ranked second with 469,000 searches, followed by Shams Abu Dhabi with 375,000 searches, City of Lights with 328,000 searches and Al Reem Island with 325,000 searches.

For the most property listings for rent and sale based on supply, Mussafah East came out on top, with over 36,000 new properties being made available for rent.

Abu Dhabi City Center was the second most listed community with 29,000 listings, followed by Khalifa City A with 16,000 listings, Al Reem Island with 15,000 listings and Al Muroor with 8,000 listings.

In relation to property for sale, Al Reem Island took a strong lead with around 5,000 listings, followed by Al Reef with 2,000 listings and Al Raha Beach with 1.8K listings.