Panasonic has unveiled its next generation i-PRO Extreme technology platform at Intersec 2018, currently taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre until 23 January 2018. 

The new range of Panasonic’s indoor and outdoor i-PRO Extreme cameras is designed to provide safe city security solutions through monitoring fast changing environments from busy commercial areas to public transport depots, warehouses as well as other business and private establishments, the company said.

Yasuo Yamasaki, director, system solutions and communications division, Panasonic, said: “Panasonic’s extensive range of network cameras, video recorders and software packages utilise breakthrough technology and innovation, not only to provide outstanding surveillance, but unique marketing and analytical tools as well to our customers.

"Our i-PRO Extreme range is ideal for high-traffic environments as it can operate round the clock under the most hazardous conditions, and yet provide high-quality images. This system also features an outstanding compression technology, thus addressing the common problem of large storage space requirements in surveillance systems.”

The i-PRO Extreme technology platform has been rolled out across Panasonic’s new line-up of cameras, recorders and video management software (VMS), providing a native end-to-end H.265 compression while also delivering demonstrable enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence.