Commercial illumination: SA Equip

Exclusively distrubted by Bin Moosa Daly, the SA Equip range wins the Golden Rosette for commercial illumination

Bin Moosa Daly is the exclusive distributor of SA Equip — a Scottish firm that specialises in heat, light, air and power. SA Equip’s technologies allow users to control temperature, airflow and illumination — and to distribute power — safely and efficiently in dangerous, potentially explosive environments.

From its base in Scotland, SA Equip has been in business since 1924, originally providing electrical supplies and support to the shipping industry. In the 1960s the industry was in its infancy, and few products had been specifically designed for use in hazardous environments.

The firm responded to this new demand by developing safe, rugged, practical equipment for use on and offshore. The company grew with oil and gas, as they developed solutions in light, heat, ventilation and power distribution, achieving several ‘world firsts’ along the way.

The SA Equip range of products is already highly regarded across the world, which is why Moosa-Daly partnered with the firm to provide support to local customers.

The SA Equip range broadens and gives increased flexibility in the options you have for portable equipment adding ATEX power distribution (440v) and ventilation that were previously difficult to obtain in the region.

SA Equip products are now used in shipping, aerospace, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and other heavy industry applications. Many of the company’s products are unique in the sense there are no competitors for its specific features. Moreover, they have renowned expertise in solving problems for dangerous conditions, in all kinds of industries, all over the world.

Bin Moosa Daly was established in 1967 by Michael F. Daly to service the emerging Abu Dhabi construction market. The company is in its second generation and is currently headed by his son Michael P. Daly, as the managing director. Daly believes that the company is now poised for sharp growth with its dynamic team located throughout the UAE.

Fact: Bin Moosa Daly has a dedicated 17,000 m2 warehouse space and capacity to handle 500 containers annually.

Did you know? Bin Moosa & Daly is a UAE-founded company

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