FSI FM Solutions ME, Adrian Jarvis, General Manager

FSI Middle East has been at the forefront of technology and computer-aided facility management in the region. With recent app and platform launches, the firm has managed to gain a stronger foothold in the market, and its portfolio of offerings now covers a larger sphere.

FSI Middle East recently launched Concept Advantage — a suite of single-purpose user-focussed apps which connect with FSI’s well established Concept Evolution CAFM. In course of time, the firm will add more single-purpose applications to its service, FSI Middle East’s Adrian Jarvis says.

Another important new launch has been the FSI GO app that is targeted towards asset management and tasks. The firm also showcased the latest Concept Evolution CAFM at the FM Expo 2017.

For Concept Evolution this means, alongside other enhancements to PPM and PPM Planners functionality, the addition of a BIM Document Manager and 3D Model Viewer, allows users to import and manage documents related to BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects for their facilities.

The BIM Document Manager supports the upload of BIM project document types, including COBie and WexBIM. Users can view and browse 3D models generated from BIM data, and the model viewer helps to visualise the structure of properties and the relative shape and position of the component assets.

Jarvis says: “Smartphones and apps have already been established as a key interface for maintenance technicians and FM professionals, however a new generation of app technology, such as that offered by Concept Advantage, is now being put in end-user’s hands. The technology is no longer distant, and it provides a rewarding social experience as well as a means for feedback and collaboration. By connecting facilities management to the wider business and community ecosystem user-focused apps bring the potential to change the nature of facilities services and their delivery.”