Ian Hauptfleisch,  speaks to Construction Week about the regional construction sector and the challenges faced this year, ahead of the CW Awards 2017. 

Hauptfleisch is general manager of Construction Computer Software (Gulf) and head of Construction Computer Software's Europe, MENA, and Central, North, and South Asia operation. 

CCS is a Category Sponsor for the CW Awards 2017. 

The winners of this year’s event will be presented with their accolades during a gala dinner and awards ceremony at Rixos Premium Dubai on Wednesday, 6 December, 2017.

Why is it important that you support the CW Awards 2017?

Personally, I think all of us in the construction industry deserve an award – just for surviving!

The construction industry is one of the most challenging there is when it comes to time, resources, and cash flow.

These, combined with its ever-changing micro (competition, scope, specification, and variations) and macro (political, economic, social, technology, and environmental) nature must be considered.

Any entity that meets – let alone exceeds performance expectations – deserves credit and recognition.

On a different note, the CW Awards also allow us the opportunity to step back, and absorb and celebrate the amazing built environment we’ve all contributed a little to, and in doing so, made the world a better place.

What do you think are the main challenges facing the construction industry in 2017?

The construction industry is a challenging one with low margins and high risks attributable to many unknowns, variables, and complexities under immense time and resource restraints. So, increased accuracy, speed, auditability, and consistency of construction estimation and cost control information, data, and analyses is essential and of priority to any contracting organisation. 

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