Restrata has been awarded a license by the Iraqi National Communications and Media Commission (CMC) to sell and maintain tracking platforms enabled by global positioning system (GPS) in the country. 

The CMC License for GPS Tracking is part of an Iraqi government mandate, and is enforced locally through inspection teams that run compliance checks on both GPS tracking systems' vendors, and their end users. 

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Restrata's wholly owned entity in Iraq was granted the license on 21 November, 2017. 

A British-owned outfit, Restrata has regional offices in the UAE and Iraq. 

This September, the company won a contract to supply 500 customised vehicles to UAE-headquartered logistics firm, Aramex.

The fleet will be fitted with in-vehicle monitoring devices in a bid to improve asset visibility and operational efficiency.

The on-board technology can also be used to track leased sub-contractor vehicles.

Implementation of the contract began in Q2 2017. The bespoke fleet will be used to conduct UAE-specific and cross-border logistics activities.