Günther Keck, chief executive officer of Audax, explains how Renitherm fire-protection coating is being used to safeguard the Middle East’s built environment…

CW: How would you assess current levels of demand for Audax products in the Middle East?

Günther Keck: In the Middle East, Audax is primarily known for its Renitherm fire-protection coating. Renitherm has been of great importance for many years, due to the region’s strict safety measures regarding fire protection. Well-known buildings such as Iran Mall in Tehran, and various retail developments in Dubai, are equipped with Renitherm fire-protection coating.

CW: How has business been for Audax in the Middle East during the past year?

GK: Overall, we have witnessed above-average growth in the production of Renitherm during the last 12 months. Moreover, demand has varied from region to region. In some markets, where construction-related activities are booming – such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi – there has been a sharp increase in the use of Renitherm.

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CW: In which regional markets are Audax products and services currently in hiGKest demand?

GK: The Middle East utilisation of Audax products is primarily concentrated within GCC member states. The Renitherm product line, which is manufactured exclusively in Germany, focusses on environmental impact and sustainability. In keeping with the idea of ‘green building’, Renitherm is manufactured with water-based constituents. As such, it is free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in accordance with ISO 11890-2 and LEED standards. Renitherm contains no halogens, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs), borates, fibres, or plasticisers. All products within this range comply with international standards, including BS 476, among others.

CW: What are Audax’s plans for 2018?

GK: During the coming year, Audax intends to increase the distribution and use of Renitherm across the entire Middle East. To achieve this goal, and to secure the region’s biggest products, we need to win over new partners and processors.

Audax’s Renitherm fire-protection coating has been available in the Middle East for more than 25 years. Günther Keck is an experienced and qualified contracting professional with the ability to produce fire-protection coatings that meet the hiGKest safety requirements. In early 2016, Audax merged with Hensel to become one of the largest passive fire protection suppliers in the world.