An eight year contract has been signed between Etihad ESCO and QESCO, a joint venture between the Eurostar Group and Italy-based Quantum to undertake energy management solutions projects in the UAE.

As part of the deal, Quantum Eurostar will provide energy saving solutions to some of Dubai’s golf courses – Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Golf Residence.

The total energy and water savings during the project period is expected to be $9.5m (AED35m) while the accumulative carbon footprint reduction is expected to be 36,000 tonnes by end of the project period.


Quantum ESCO is expected to save nearly $1.2m (AED4.4m) per year with the production of solar energy through a roof-top solar system. The system will reach a capacity of 677kW and generate 1,093,000 kWh per annum.

Stefano Martini, CEO and managing director of Quantum, said: “Over the last year, QESCO has been working with various government and private organizations across the region. In the near term, we aim to announce new project wins in this space.”

The project will provide the first energy saving retrofit solution catering to the hospitality, leisure and entertainment sector in the emirates.

The retrofit ESCO solutions will be applied on air-conditioning systems, internal lighting, external lighting, golf course lighting, building automation and control, building envelop, ventilation, pumps and fans, water systems and solar roof-top.