In an effort to raise water conservation awareness, UAE-based facilities management (FM) company, Emrill recently held a joint training seminar with water conservation organisation Surge.

It has been reported that nearly 663 million people lack improved drinking water access and 2.4 billion people lack improved sanitation services.

Surge is a nonprofit organisation with a mission to improve access to clean water principally in developing countries and also to educate businesses and consumers in the developed world on methods for conserving water and reducing unnecessary water wastage.

“Know your water footprint” – a surge initiative – assesses personal water usage and measures more efficient and sustainable behaviour both at home and in the workplace.

At the Emrill seminar, Surge trainers explained that lowering water footprint could be achieved by turning taps off when not in use and avoiding the flushing of toilets unnecessarily amongst other things.

Emrill HSEQ manager Jamie Selway said: “We deliver facilities management services that impact thousands of people across the UAE every day.

“With this in mind, collaborating with customers and local communities to help improve how we collectively manage energy, water and waste for the longevity of our planet is a vital component in how we achieve sustainability as a business overall,” Selway said.