The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has revealed that it is in the process of developing an insight paper on building information modelling (BIM) Level 3.

Alan Muse, global director of built environment standards at RICS, told Construction Week that the insight paper will focus on the challenges and opportunities that BIM Level 3 presents to RICS professionals.

Muse also disclosed that the organisation is working on furthering the adoption of its International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) in the region.

“We want to ensure adoption of ICMS in the GCC markets and follow this up with RICS standards based upon ICMS,” he explained. “Hence, we are developing a RICS global professional statement in cost prediction and a second edition of ICMS to cover life cycle costing.”

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Pointing out that the public charter remit of RICS requires “thought leadership to encourage improvements in industry performance”, he said: “Therefore, RICS recognises the benefits that BIM can bring to construction to improve efficiency and productivity and also the need for the profession to continue to embrace this new technology.”

He added: “In particular, we see BIM as a catalyst for change in areas of industry collaboration and inter-disciplinary working, procurement and project, cost, and facilities management.

“Along with other potential areas of technology disruption, we are looking at how BIM will affect the qualification and training of surveyors.”

In addition to ICMS, RICS has several standards and publications for construction professionals looking for guidance on BIM implementation in projects. These include International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS), BIM for Cost Managers, BIM for Project Managers, BIM for Building Surveyors, and International BIM Implementation Guide.

Read more about Muse’s insights on BIM adoption in the GCC in Construction Week’s special report on BIM, coming out in issue 673, which will be published on 21 October, 2017.