Morris Site Machinery, a UK-based on-site equipment manufacturer, has launched a powerful anti-glare lighting tower lamp head called Halo that has been hailed as a game changer for the industry.

Robust and versatile, Halo is a revolutionary, virtually indestructible lamp head which fits on the company’s SMC TL90 lighting towers, which recently arrived in the region after the purchase of 50 of the units by Al Naboodah Group Enterprises.

The lamp head delivers 1200W diffused light from four 300W LED quadrants in a 360-degree arc, replacing the SMC TL90’s conventional arrangement of five 240W LED lamps with the same output.

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The four segments are mounted independently on the steel frame and each house three 100W high power LED modules that emanate light through a diffuser made of a tough high performance LLDPE material similar to that used in road safety cones, for bright, even and anti-glare light dispersal.

Thanks to its improved light spread and above average LUX levels compared to a conventional LED or metal halide lamp, the Halo lamp head allows fewer light towers to be used on site, reducing its total cost of ownership and yielding environmental benefits.

Phil Winnington, international sales director at Morris Site Machinery, said: “We are excited and proud of this new product which will take the onsite lighting market to new levels. It will deliver game-changing benefits and improved performance.

“The Halo is like nothing seen before. It represents the future of anti-glare lighting and promises to improve working conditions for users, which is so important to the industry.”

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The Halo is being presented as suitable for uses where the issue of glare is pressing, including on roadside and highway project, quarries, and at airports, car parks or for trackside lighting.

The lamp head is also IP65 rated, and has been designed for simple deployment and easy set-up, with no lamp adjustment necessary, and can be retrofitted onto existing SMC TL90 lighting towers.