A leading Italian industrial company plans to establish its regional headquarters in Bahrain, according to the Bahrain Economic Development Board (Bahrain EDB).

Khalid Al-Romaihi, chief executive officer of the Bahrain EDB, said: “The firm has already started the initial stages to establish in Bahrain.”

Al-Romaihi expects the company to open its Middle East HQ during the first half of 2018. According to Bahrain News Agency,  he made the statement on the sidelines of the Bahrain EDB roadshow in the city of Milan, Italy.

Al-Romaihi said that the Italian company had chosen to establish its regional headquarters in Bahrain after scrutinising all other options, citing the country's strategic location and streamlined business procedures as influencing factors.

Bahrain EDB's roadshow will target key Italian cities as part of efforts to promote the Gulf state's business-friendly environment.