Parsons has acquired Williams Electric Company in a move that is expected to bolster its capabilities within the field of critical infrastructure protection.

Headquartered in Florida, Williams Electric’s service offering includes control system integration, electrical and general contracting, and energy infrastructure activities. The firm boasts more than 100 customer sites in multiple geographies.

Parsons and Williams Electric share several relationships with US government clients, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, and other classified engagements.

Carey Smith, president of Parsons’ federal business unit, commented: “Parsons’ existing contractual relationships with numerous customers within the Departments of Defense, Energy, Veterans Affairs, and elsewhere are ideal environments for our expanded control system offering.

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“And, certainly in regions such as the Middle East where Parsons has been a tier-one player for decades, Williams Electric will bring new opportunities on both sides of the acquisition.

“Parsons intends to become the name synonymous with fully converged protection of control systems,” he continued. “Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) are both necessary, and [represent] the origin of the evolving threat to critical infrastructure. At the control system level, whether it’s a networked surveillance or smart HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning] system, we intend to stay ahead of the threat curve.”

Parsons contends that the acquisition will enable it to more effectively protect its clients’ critical infrastructure assets from threats targeting connected operational technologies (OT), including control systems.

Chuck Harrington, chairman and chief executive officer of Parsons, said: “OT is the new IT in terms of where cyber threats are accessing the connected enterprise. Our strategy is simple: integrate our growing control system leadership with Parsons’ unmatched cyber capabilities to fulfil our promise of unique, converged OT protection for critical infrastructure assets.”

Dan Rucker, president of Williams Electric, added: “Joining forces with Parsons was the right strategic move for both companies. The market for converged and critical infrastructure technology is evolving quickly, and the integration of our two companies creates a single-source, end-to-end solutions provider for integrated physical and cyber-protection [services].”