A Kuwaiti authority is working on a system that would support autonomous vehicles in the country. 

The country's Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) is working on a road scanning system that would help self-driving cars on the country's roads. 

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PACI's deputy director-general for information systems and technology, Mansour Al-Metthen, said PACI recently completed the implementation of Lidar, a "highly accurate road and street scanning system", in Kuwait.

Speaking at the GITEX Technology Week exhibition currently underway in Dubai, Al-Metthen said the system "allows the inspection of the length, width, and height of surrounding buildings", which would be available for use by autonomous cars in the future. 

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Field scanning is carried out by the system using specialised vehicles, which scan street dimensions, as well as capture 360° surveys of roads. 

Primary examination is being carried out, with the system likely to be launched by the end of this year. 

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PACI is also working on Kuwait Finder, a system that would inspect traffic congestion, working alongside Lidar, which can offer high-definition photos of Kuwait's streets. 

The systems would "lay a solid base for self-driving cars" in the country, Al-Metthen told KUNA