A directive from Security Industry Regulatory Agency has increased the minimum wage for security personnel in the UAE.

World Security chief executive officer Mahmood Amin has welcomed the move as he feels this will impact the motivation levels of security personnel being attracted to the sector.

Amin said: “The implementation of the new basic minimum wage rule was a welcome step taken by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency.”

“Along with our industry peers, World Security has welcomed the initiative since it can only improve the morale and well-being of the thousands of security guards working in Dubai.

“This in turn will improve the quality of service we are able to deliver to our customers. The new higher minimum wage also means that security companies will now be able to recruit much more competent security guards as compared to before,” he said.

He also said that there has been a marked improvement in the quality of security services available in the market today. “Authorities are leading the way in terms of new initiatives and reforms aimed at raising the overall standard of security in the country, and Dubai in particular. Clients are also well informed and keen to adopt new technologies that enhance their existing security set-up.”