In a city where high-rise towers are the norm and high-end residential schemes are redefining the term ‘luxury apartment’, standing out from the crowd can be a tough challenge. With its cantilevered structure, 42-storeys and rooftop infinity pool, however, the Sky Gate development is truly a residential development unlike any other.

Designed by Nabil Gholam Architecture, Sky Gate has already been honoured with an international award at MIPIM (Marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier), the international property convention held in Cannes, France each March. It has also become a breathtaking landmark for Beirut; rising high above the adjacent towers and bringing an oasis of greenery, swimming pools, water features and creative landscaping to the heart of the Achrafieh district.

What really sets the building apart against the Beirut skyline, however, is the unique silhouette of its cantilevered central sections, which look as though they have been pushed to either side of the tower like bricks in a giant game of Jenga. The effect not only gives a striking appearance to the whole tower but has also enabled the developer, MENA Capital, to maximise the footprint of the site without compromising on the levels of natural light within each apartment, the 3600 views of the city, the sea and the mountains, or the design possibilities for leisure and landscaping.

The vision for this extraordinary building combined MENA Capital’s ethos of challenging architectural convention and Nabil Gholam’s willingness to embrace those principles.  Making that concept work in practice, however, rested upon the design and engineering expertise of the CCL team to ensure that the cantilevered sections of the building could support the weight of subsequent floors both during construction and for the lifespan of the building.