Chicago Pneumatic has extended its range of electrically-powered light towers with the launch of two LED models, the CPLT V2 LED and CPLT V3 LED, which can be integrated with the CPPG inverter generator.

The CPLT V2 LED and CPLT V3 LED both equip four 160 W high-quality LED bulbs affixed atop 5.5m-high manual vertical masts, and deliver an average coverage of 2,000m2 or 3,000m2, respectively.

The units can either be simple plugged directly into electric outlets, or paired with an external power source, such as the CPPG inverter generator, which can provide a reliable source of AC power below 3kW at a moment’s notice.

CPPG inverters, which can be integrated into either of the two light towers, feature petrol engines and come equipped with a recoil starter that makes powering them up extremely quick.

Due to their rugged design and thermal protective features, these generators are able to operate capably in tough environments and harsh weather conditions.

With this combination, contractors have access to a cordless, flexible, lightweight and easy-to-move solution that delivers instant site lighting even in off-grid and remote working environments.

“The latest additions to our light tower portfolio offer optimal functionality,” said Ignacio Picatoste, spokesperson for light towers at Chicago Pneumatic.

“Easy to combine with our inverter generators, they provide contractors with a powerful and adjustable lighting option that is quick to connect to a source of AC electrical power. Their four wheels also provide stability, making them easy to move and safely position in remote locations.”

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The towers also have simple maintenance access points, while their compact frames allow up to 24 units can be transported on a single truck.

The robust canopies on the units meanwhile protect the light towers and help keep them running their performance in varying weather conditions.

CPPG inverter generators are available in 50Hz and 60Hz variants, with the CPPG 2i/CPPG 2iW and CPPG 3.5i/CPPG 3.5iW providing nominal power outputs of 1.6kVA and 3kVA, respectively.