A delegation comprising officials from Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently visited Italian suppliers to review the concrete and rubber materials to be used for the Route 2020 project.

Specialists from RTA's rail agency, as well as Route 2020's contractor and consultant outfits, visited an Italian company proposed to manufacture and supply pre-tensioned concrete that will be used to construct Route 2020's viaducts. 

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Separately, flexible and reinforced rubber pillars were also inspected by the delegation. 

Lab tests of the pre-tensioned concrete were carried out at Politecnico di Milano University, where the delegation also met the teaching staff that had been one of the invited assessors of Dubai Metro's and Dubai Tram's pillar works. 

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Both parties discussed the Gulf Concrete Standards' requirements in order to ensure concrete works are "compatible with the climate conditions of the Gulf countries, especially in Dubai". 

"The delegation also visited one of the manufacturers of modified and processed rubber, which produces flexible and reinforced rubber pillars," Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of RTA's rail agency, said. 

"Visitors attended a test on one type of rubber pillars, reviewed associated quality certificates, and matched the manufacturing capacity and quality control of all processes with the submitted designs and delivery deadlines."

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Route 2020 is the extension of Dubai Metro's Red Line, starting at Nakheel Harbour & Tower station, leading to the site of Expo 2020 Dubai. 

RTA has "visited factories in several countries where different materials of Route 2020 are being manufactured to verify the quality of works and match the products with the project standards and delivery schedules," according to Dubai Media Office.

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