Hiring advisors can help companies ease the process of getting their projects financed, said Umer Ahmad, vice president for investment development at SNC-Lavalin Capital.

Speaking with Construction Week, Ahmad said that there had been many cases where projects being submitted for financing deals are “are not appropriately structured for non-recourse project financing”.

He elaborated: “Typical issues in that regard include no appropriate off-take or off-taker, [as well as] seeking to push as many risks as possible over to the developer or project company, [when] the optimum solution would be to involve placing [the] risks with the parties best [suited] to manage such risks, thereby creating a “best value for money” situation.”

A value-for-money situation, Ahmad explained, can lead to projects that can be effectively – and privately – financed.

“In many cases, if procurers were to hire appropriate financial, legal, and technical advisors at the outset, these issues could be addressed. This requires a bit of a medium-term perspective, taking into account that money spent on the right advisors ought to give rise to better value by getting projects successfully financed or executed,” he added.

Ahmad noted that the right advisor would, of course, not advance projects through the wrong procurement route, or the wrong commercial or delivery model.

He continued: “Furthermore, some engineering and construction companies do not have access to their own equity finance capability, nor the ability to structure a financing deal and the ability to facilitate or mobilise other investors and debt capital, be it banks or export credit agencies. 

“SNC Lavalin is very fortunate as we are well-placed in these respects, with our Capital division providing a strong platform for financing activities.”