Dubai-based Sanctum Consult's CEO Craig Beeson talks about a long-term solution for water and food production.

Beeson told MEP Middle East that the Swedish based company United Science & Capital strives at a swift implementation of two technological solutions called Desert to Green and Aqua Tower.

He said that the solutions have the potential to solve the fresh water and food production in a long term way.

Talking about Desert to Green, he said: "Desert to Green is a package of technologies where modified natural zeolites plays the central role. The zeolites act as the water and nutrient carriers for soil and plants. The use of modified zeolites reduces the need for irrigation and increases the microbial life in soil, which makes it possible to grow and transform arid areas into forest and agricultural land at a fraction of the water compared to what is otherwise required."

On Aqua Tower, he said: "Aqua Tower is a system for production of desalinated water and electricity. It is a patent pending technology that utilizes hot air from the atmosphere or various waste heat sources. It will have an annual water desalination capacity of up to 1-billion mof water."

He added that in countries with high water shortages, the implementation of Desert to Green and Aqua Tower will "not only solve the problem of water desalination for current use but will make many of these countries self-sufficient in food production".

Beeson claimed that the interest for both Desert to Green and Aqua Tower is far reaching in many countries and regions with prevailing freshwater shortage.

United Science & Capital is currently negotiating with relevant institutions in several countries for a smooth and efficient implementation its projects, Beeson said.

Beeson's complete views will appear in the 1209 issue of MEP Middle East's special report on Water Technology, which will be out on the first week of September 2017.