Liebherr has introduced an adaptive lighting system for the XPower wheel loaders that uses LED light sensors to intuitively react to the positioning of the loader arms when working at night and re-configure lighting systems to ensure that the working area is always evenly lit.

When the front equipment is raised, for example, the main headlights dim to minimise glare off of the steel machine parts or shadows on the drop sides of vehicles. The overall combination of lights also provides significantly more light both when the front equipment is lowered and raised.

An important change is the incorporation an additional LED headlamp on the front of the vehicle that helps to maximise the lighting conditions when the front equipment is raised. There are also four dimmable working lights along the top edge of the cab and two main front headlights.

In addition to the adaptive working lighting, Liebherr has launched keys with remote control access for the XPower wheel loaders that allows the machine operator to lock and unlock the cab remotely while simultaneously lighting up the entire entry area as well as the interior of the cabin.

Liebherr notes that poor lighting conditions in work areas present wheel loader operators with significant challenges – particularly in the case of operations underground, at twilight or at night – and that the adaptive lighting addresses these issue, improving safety and comfort for drivers.

With conventional lighting systems, machine operators have to compromise on the brightness of the headlights, as on full beam, the light is reflected on steel machine parts or on the drop sides of trucks, creating glare and shadows, and a deterioration in visibility that places a strain on the operator.

Customers can request the system using either metal halide of high-performance LED lights, with the latter providing even better light output and lower energy consumption than conventional headlights, while also provide a longer service life, which increases the wheel loader’s productivity.

In April, Liebherr marked the production of its 50,000th wheel loader – an L566 XPower painted in custom livery for a German customer – as well as the anniversary of its XPower series of wheel loaders.