BKT has grown its range of specialty tyres designed to be fitted on loaders and material-handling equipment operating in the recycling industry, with the introduction of the BK-Loader 53 tyre.

The applications in this industry sector often subject tyres to severe strain, with debris leading to a heightened risk of puncture, so additional demands are placed on product in terms of resistance and durability, even as operator comfort and manoeuvrability are maintained.

The new BK-Loader 53, an aramid-belted 405/70 R 20 tyre that is suited for recycling operations through its extra-deep tread providing extraordinary resistance against tears, cuts and punctures, while a special tread design ensures optimum lateral stability.

The BK-Loader 53 also stands out for its exceptional self-cleaning properties, as well as its ability to maintain excellent grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

BKT will also continue to meet the challenges of the industry with its Earthmax SR 43, Earthmax SR 53 and Earthmax SR 55 tyres – all of them tailored for the rough and irregular surfaces found in waste disposal and material-recycling scenarios.

The Earthmax SR 43 is a 29.5 R 29 radial tire for all loading and material-transport operations in storage, collection and recycling sites, as well as in caves, open pit mines and scrap yards.

Its reinforced sidewalls lend it high resistance and an extended life-cycle, while its tread design provides enhanced traction and stability, as well as self-cleaning properties that facilitate the rapid ejection of debris – a frequent issue during recycling operations – from the tread.

The well-known Earthmax SR 53 and Earthmax SR 55 tires are also particularly suitable for loaders and dozers operating under the extreme operating conditions found on the rocky terrain in mines, or the surfaces at metal recycling industries.

The deep L-5-class tread of the SR 53 significantly reduces tire wear and shows excellent self-cleaning properties, and contain a special tread compound that offers additional resistance to cuts and heat.

The SR 53 tyre is available in five sizes: 17.5 R 25, 20.5 R 25, 23.5 R 25, 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 25.

The extra deep, L5-S-class and smooth surfaced tread on the SR 55 provide both robustness and strength.

Stability, safety and driving comfort make it particularly suitable for loaders operating at severe conditions during loading and levelling operations that require peak productivity with reduced downtime.

The SR 55 comes in six sizes:  12.00 R 24, 17.5 R 25, 18.00 R 25, 26.5 R 25, 29.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 29.