Sustainability regulations will drive the regional formwork sector's practices in the future, an industry expert told ConstructionWeekOnline.

Environment-oriented legislation, such as Abu Dhabi's and Dubai's green building codes, will further the uptake of sustainable building materials, Joe Farina, general manager of Meva KHK Formwork Systems, said. 

Remarking on advancements made in the GCC's formwork sector, Farina said "innovative systems" are "quickly gaining pace" in the region.

He added: "Innovation has taken place in part due to demand for greater sustainability and shorter construction cycles, and the environmental impact of formwork materials, all to the good of the supplier, the contractor, and ultimately, the environment.

"This translates into improved overall business practices and ethical standards." 

Meva KHK uses Alkus's all-plastic facing material, which does not swell or shrink; can be nailed, like plywood; and does not absorb moisture. 

The company incorporated Alkus in its global product portfolio in 2000.

"Alkus provides greater advantages over plywood and timber, and is environment-friendly too," Farina added.

"Materials [such as Alkus] will lead the way forward in terms of future trends and compliance in the formwork sector."